Of the many brands of contraceptives, the most convenient and cheapest is a condom. Talk with your partner about the methods of contraception available to you and ask them to tell you what they may prefer. While some women may have taken measures to use contraceptives on their own, however, additional protective measures will undoubtedly be appreciated.

The first tip for using condoms correctly, as with most contraceptives, is their choice.

Although you can use your deductive abilities to determine the type of condom that is right for you, practice is still the best way to determine. From the variety of products available, choose the one that not only suits you, but also meets the specifications of your partner, as some may require condoms with textured, flavored or without latex. Do not worry too much about the size of the condom, since most contraceptives are designed for almost all men.

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When you buy condoms, determine the expiration date and stay away from expired ones. If the labels do not indicate the expiration date, but only the time of manufacture, select those that have the most recent date. Most of them have a life expectancy of about five years, although those who have spermicide have only two or three years before the expiration date. Buy condoms away from sources of heat and light, as they may impair product quality. And if you do not plan to go to the store every time a sexual opportunity arises, buy large quantities of condoms.

Store your purchases in a cool, dry place. When it is time to use it, carefully open the package, do not use scissors or teeth. If the condom appears discolored and brittle, discard it immediately. Pinch the tip, slowly slide it, leaving about half an inch of space on top. When the folded portion of the condom is on the outside, unfold the condom on its base. If for any reason you did not install it correctly, remove it and replace it with a new one, read more at https://www.valm.com/.


Most condoms are already lubricated. If you need more lubrication, use those that contain water, as oils can weaken latex. However, any type of lubricant can be used in polyurethane condoms. If your condom breaks, replace it immediately. Some causes of condom failure include air bubbles and the use of a condom that is too tight, so caution is always recommended. When this happens, any man will certainly appreciate and understand why women prefer to use their types of contraceptives.